Thank you for visiting my online gallery, a world of black, white and countless shades of grey.

As a pencil graphite artist my objective is to produce art which brings life and soul to my subject, using only pencils. I have developed unique techniques through drawing birds and their surroundings which equips me to successfully develop my career as a portrait and wildlife artist. My drawings are carefully crafted to achieve inimitable contrasts and depth. Whether drawing portraits or birds, I always start with the eyes...


The old English Proverb, that the eyes are the windows of the soul, rings true and it is this philosophy which underpins my work and bonds the observer with my subject.

The tonal contrast that pencil allows me is not limiting, but rather it sanctions me to reach depths, create distinctions and initiate emotions…

 which makes my work come alive, all without the distraction of colour.

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The Big Five Limited Edition

Launching now in 2016

Pencil Art allows you to experience birds with new levels of appreciation

Take a look at some of my drawings to see the detail and beauty of the birds, this medium allows

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“Grey is the soul of all colour.”

– Odilon Redon